Use `Taiwan’ for Taiwan

By Charles Hong

Friday, Sep 10, 2004,Page 8

China likes to call Taiwan “Chinese Taipei.” China could call itself “Taiwanese Beijing.” This name may sound strange, but is fully justifiable. Taiwanese investments have made a major contribution to China’s economy and military power — including the missiles aimed at Taiwan. In addition, China used to be ruled by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT). China imposes the name “Chinese Taipei” on Taiwan possibly because Taiwan was once ruled by China. If so, Taiwan should also be called “Portuguese Formosa,” “Dutch Tailam” and “Japanese Taihoku.” China itself could also be called “Russian China,” “Japanese Manchuria” and “KMT Nanking.” Furthermore, Australia and the US should be called “British Canberra” and “British Washington,” respectively.

Whenever reporters come across the name “Chinese Taipei,” they have to explain that this refers to Taiwan. If a 6-letter name can describe a country, why do we need a 13-letter name that causes confusion?

When Little League baseball games were played in Pennsylvania last month, the televised games showed that the young players were from “Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei” as if they had been from twin cities. Some Taiwanese team supporters even shouted “Chinese team, go, go, go!” Which side were they on? There will be more confusion when Taiwan meets China in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Let’s use “Taiwan” for Taiwan.

Charles Hong
Columbus, Ohio

Taiwan is a country.
Shame on China!!