Do you open doors for the virus?

I have been an Internet Explorer user since ten months ago. I can’t stand for the popup windows. I hate my homepage was hijacked. That’s why I became a FireFox user. Do you still use IE? I think you are so brave. Don’t you know you give a lot of chances to hackers and crackers to visit your computer? Please quit using IE as soon as possible.

I’ll show you a part of my favorites. When you use FireFox, you press Ctrl + K. The cursor will be located at the quick search field. You could select different search engines and search it right away. You don’t need to visit some page to find some field to search. It saves your time. You may add different search engines. The following image is my search engines list. This function is very neat. I believe you will like FireFox pretty much. You just click the add engines then you could add any engines you want.

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