WinXP and OSX dual boot in MacBook Pro

Finally I’ve succeeded in installing Windows XP in MacBook Pro. Now it can dual boot between Windows XP and MacOS X. There’re few issues with windows xp but being able to boot smoothly between these 2 OSes are really amazing. I’ve followed this HOWTO where more and more information is being added every few hours. I think most of the minor problems will be solved soon. If you want to install it for your self or want more information this wiki is the best place to go. Here I’m posting the photos of major installation sequence and some problems I encountered.


1. Downloaded

Windows XP Pro CD that came with my Samsung Notebook is SP1 but the patch works only with SP2. So this is what I did:

2. Downloaded WinXP SP2 separately.

3. Used the free tool nLite to integrate the WinXP SP2 with the XP Pro CD (SP1) and created the WinXP SP2 CD source.

4. Then followed Step-by-step-instruction

  • Burned the customized WinXP CD.
  • Partitioned the disk using OSX CD.
  • Installed OSX.

5. Started Windows XP installation.

6. I encountered a problem with the partition listing. I was presented with following options.

  • C: Partition 1 (EFI) [FAT32]
  • unpartitioned space
  • E: Partition 2 [unknown]
  • unpartitioned space

According to the guide the correct option should be as following:

  • E: Partition1 (EFI) [FAT32]
  • C: Partition2 [Unknown]
  • F: Partition3 [Unknown]

If you choose the Partition2 then you’ll get follwing error:

7. To solve the above problem I selected the first “unpartitioned space,” then pressed “C” to create a new partition. As described in this solution. After this things went smoothly.

8. Finally it’s installed

9. System Properties

10. Device Manager with unrecognized devices.

11. Downloaded the drivers from here. Ethernet works fine. Wireless doesn’t work. If I press restart it will shutdown.

12. Browsing my blog.

13. Boot Choice: Mac OSX

14. Boot Choice: Windows XP

Now there’re few driver issues I’m quite sure they’ll be solved soon.

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