We got two methods to do POST,you could choice the way you think it’s
easy to do.Of course
you must replace you CPU & DIMM from BAD Slot.

>1:Do the setting in OS ,then reset the system
>(*maybe you couldn’t run this command because you haven’t root’s permission *)
>a. #/usr/sbin/eeprom auto-boot=force
>b. #/usr/sbin/eeprom diag-switch?=true
>c. #/usr/sbin/eeprom diag-level=max
>d. #/usr/sbin/eeprom diag-device=disk
>e. #init 6
>2:Reboot the machine and do the setting
>power on the system, and enter “stop+A” to make functional system enter OK
>status,and do commands as follows.
>a. ok setenv diag-switch? true
>b. ok setenv diag-level max
>c. ok setenv diag-device disk
>d. ok reset-all
>After you do the POST and enter OS,pls do “#prtdiag”then take the message to us.
>If you cann’t run “prtdiag” pls do “#/usr/sbin/prtdiag”.
>If you still can’t run “#/usr/sbin/prtdiag”
>pls do “#find / -name prtdiag” to find where is the command of “prtdiag” in the SF 440.

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