How to convert image files in Automator

The following steps will show you how to convert image files to different image files type in Automator.

Step 1
Drag image files to Automator.

Step 2
Click “Finder” in Library. Drag “Copy Finder Items” to the right pannel. Click “To:” drop down list. Select copy images location. The following example output folder is “output”.

Step 3
Click “Preview” in Library. Drag “Change Type of Images” to the right pannel. Select the output image type.

This action converts images to the selected image format. Image files of type included following type BMP (.bmp), GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), JPEG 2000 (.jp2), PDF (single page .pdf), PICT (.pct or .pict), PNG (.png), or TIFF (.tif or .tiff).

Step 4
Click “Play” to convert images.

Now, you will find the output folder contains image files which are converted.

Enjoy it.