Adium X 1.0 released

Changelog :
. Added global user profile and buddy icon settings. (Personal Preferences)
. General Account improvements. Accounts can now be disabled when not in in use, and friends can now sign on from your Adium without saving their information.
. Added an Xtras manager for better browsing and removing of Xtras.
. Major improvements in privacy settings.
. Improvements to the default look and feel of Adium.
. iTunes integration is much faster, and updates as soon as the song changes.
. Redesigned Chat Transcript (Log) Viewer
. Optional dock-like hiding of the contact list
. Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (Universal Binary)

自從微軟發表 Messenger for Mac 6.0.x 後我就從 Adium 跳到微軟的懷抱了. 不過這隻綠鴨發表了1.0版. 我想我會先試用一陣子. 也許我又會再度拋棄微軟. 哈

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