gnuplot notes

gnuplot> set xlabel “Matrix size” // Add a label for the X Axis
gnuplot> set ylabel “MFlops” // Add a label for the Y Axis
gnuplot> set title “AMD Dual 2218 2.6GHz” // Add a title for the overall plot
gnuplot> set grid xtics lt 0 lw 1 lc rgb “#bbbbbb”
gnuplot> set grid ytics lt 0 lw 1 lc rgb “#bbbbbb”
gnuplot> set terminal png
gnuplot> set output “bc.png”
gnuplot> plot ‘lin-xxx.cpu’ u 1:4 w lines, ‘lin-xxx.cpua’ u 1:4 w lines

MacBook Pro – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz

BladeTank – AMD Opteron 244 1.8GHz x 2

HP BL35p – AMD Opteron 280 Duo-Core 2.4GHz x 2

IBM LS21 – AMD Opteron 2218 Duo-Core 2.6GHz x 2

Dell 1950 – Intel E5440 Quad-Core 2.83GHz x 2

Dell T5400 – Intel X5450 Quad-Core 3.00GHz x 2

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