Using php to generate pdf file preview – (使用php產生pdf預覽)

I’m going to use the Google Mini pdf file as this demonstration. Please download that file to the same directory of your php script in advance. Check it out here. You can see how GOOD Google did the document preview function is. Of course, I’m not as well as Google’s experts. But, I just knew a small trick.

我將使用Google Mini pdf 檔案進行這個範例解說. 請先將這個檔案下載到你的php程式相同目錄. 按這裡. , 你可以先看看 Google 的 document preview 的功能已經相當完善. 當然, 我不像 Google 的專業人士那麼厲害. 但是, 我知道一點小技巧.

Before you start to generate pdf file preview, you need to make sure your system is installed the GhostScript and the ImageMagick.

在開始產生pdf預覽前, 你先在你的系統安裝 GhostScriptImageMagick程式.

Following php script to generate thumbnails pdf files:

exec('/usr/bin/convert "googlemini_datasheet.pdf" -geometry 200 "googlemini_thumbnails.png"');

Output :

file name : googlemini_thumbnails-0.png

file name : googlemini_thumbnails-1.png

Following php script to generate large pdf files:

exec('/usr/bin/convert "googlemini_datasheet.p22df" -density 1200x1200 -geometry 1024 -quality 100 "googlemini_large.png"');

Output :

file name : googlemini_large-0.png

file name : googlemini_large-1.png

From above php scripts, you can see the convert command generated two png files. Because, the Google Mini pdf file has two pages. If there are many pages in pdf file, It will be generated some file name with “-0”, “-1”, “-2”, “-3” and so on.

從上列php程式碼, 你可以了解 convert 指令幫你產生了兩張 png 圖. 因為那個 Google Mini pdf 檔案有兩頁. 如果pdf檔案有很多頁面, 那會產生”-0″, “-1”, “-2”, “-3″…等.

If you would like to generate the first page, you can use following php script:
如果你只想產生第一頁, 你可以使用下列php程式.

exec('/usr/bin/convert "googlemini_datasheet.pdf[0]" -geometry 200 "googlemini_page1.png"');

Just add the [0] after the pdf file name. How about the second page? Just change inside number of [ ] from 0 to 1.

只要在pdf檔案後面加入[0]就可以了. 那如果要只輸出第二頁? 只要改變 [ ] 裡面的數子. 從 0 到 1.

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