lustre – quota notes

setup 5TB quota for each user (softlimit) :

# ls /home -l|awk ‘{print $9}’| xargs -i lfs setquota -u ‘{}’ -b 5368709120 /home/

# cd /home
# for i in $(ls -d */); do lfs setquota -u ${i%%/} -b 5368709120 /home/; done

check users’ quota :

# cd /home
# for i in $(ls -d */); do lfs quota -uh ${i%%/} /home/; done

有用的範例 : 雖然跟本沒太大的關聯

設定 強制限定 (hardlimit) 110GB, 柔性限制 (softlimit) 100GB

# lfs setquota -u USER1 -b 100G -B 110G /home

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