Hotmail 2MB to 250MB

This method makes your inbox 25 mb at the first step and in a month or so, it’s supposed to become 250 mb. So here’s the step-by-step procedure for the – well, not anymore – unlucky non-US hotmail users:

1. Sign in to your hotmail account and change your personal profile in the Options as following:
Country: United States
State: Florida (choose another state if you want –
Zip Code: 33332 (choose another zip code if you want. –
Needless to say, you need to enter the zip code that belongs to the state you’ve chosen.

2. Then get to the Language options and make it English if it’s not.

3. If you don’t want to lose your Inbox, click Put in folder. From the menu, choose New Folder. Create your new folder and go back to your Inbox. Select the emails that you do not lose and click Put in folder once more. Choose the folder you have just created and the emails you have chosen will be moved to that folder. You can move them to your Inbox again later by the same method.

4. Before signing out, paste the link below into the address bar and click “Close my account”. Thus your account will be deactivated.

5. Now visit the address again. Enter your username and password. The activation page will load. Activate your mail account.

6. You’re done ! Now your mail account capacity has grown to 25 MB and in a month or so it will be 250 MB. Enjoy your “enlarged” hotmail account!


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